England 2014

England 2014 (3)

London's magic and back to the Middle Ages in Dover

Hey there! We're sorry for not having reported anything the last days but - as you
know - we've been to London yesterday and the day before, which means that we didn't
return before 8:30 pm. Nevertheless, we've spend an enjoyable time in London and Mr.
Bremke provided us with tons of interesting information about London's history.
On top of that, the stunningly beautiful architecture of plenty of London's
historically important edifices has left a lasting impression in our minds.
Of course it was nice to have some time for shopping, too.

Coming to what we've done today,which was visiting Dover Castle, we can't help
saying that it was an astonishing experience. Dover's castle is one of the mightiest
castles in the world and full of English history. Tomorrow, we'll be hiking from
Whitstable to Canterbury, where we'll have some final time to relax and enjoy the
English mentality before we're going to make a move towards home. How time flies!

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Our trip to Wildwood

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We met at 8.30 am in Herne Bay. Then we drove to Wildwood. We had a guided tour thourgh the park at 10 o´clock. We saw wild animals for example owls, foxes,otters and wolves. After a break we had a workshop about wolves where we imitated them. Then we took some photos and we went to the playground. We saw how animals were fed. At last we were in the shop and bought souvenirs. All in all it was a nice day and now we are sitting in a cafe at the beach.

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The mystery of Canterbury and its cathedral

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Hey there! Today, we - the Guardian Angels - have been to Canterbury. We visited its famous cathedral and listened to the Canterbury Tales, which were presented by creatively designed audio guides. Did you know that Canterbury's Cathedral used to be a great destination of pilgrimiges?

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